Solar Panel Installation Company

Solar power installation is one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your home. A well-installed solar system reduces or eliminates energy bills and is good for the environment. It also earns tax credits and rebates, increases your property value, and gives you a great ROI. To reap these benefits of solar power, it’s recommended to work with a reliable solar panel installation company.

Despite the value that solar panels add to a home, many people still insist on trying to DIY installation to save money. However, solar power installation is one of the most delicate yet dangerous home improvement projects out there: doing it incorrectly can lead to a series of unwanted consequences. That’s why we recommend that you leave your solar installation in the hands of a solar panel installation company.

We strongly discourage DIY for the following reasons:

·         You lack solar panel installation skills and experience.

·         Perhaps you don’t have enough time to handle the project.

·         High risk of injury due to the following

o   Unstable roof

o   Bad weather

o   Improperly placed ladder

o   Lack of edge awareness

o   Improper training

o   Poor line of sight

o   Incorrect use of fall protection gear

o   Steep roof pitch

o   Holes in the roof

o   Lack of specialized tools and equipment

Before you commit to installing the solar panels, first think about all your options. You’ll notice that hiring professional solar installers isn’t expensive, particularly if you compare the cost of solar panels acquisition and installation to the long-term benefits of switching to solar power.

Reasons to hire a solar panel installation company

To take advantage of the company’s installation equipment

Solar Panel Installation Company

Any reliable solar panel installation company will invest in cutting-edge solar power equipment and technology to deliver quality solutions to their clients. They have specialized tools for inspection, climbing, holding, measuring, drilling, and even attaching the panel to the rooftop. When you hire such experts, you get to take advantage of all these resources. But if you decide to DIY, you may have to buy the tools or rent them out, which adds to the cost.

To leverage their experience and training

A reputable solar panel installation company often onboard experts with in-depth training and experience. So, you can rest easy knowing an expert got things under control. Solar panel systems are meant to last for years – some going up to three decades. A good contractor will use their experience to assess the integrity of your roof before embarking on solar panel installation.

This will save you from uninstalling the solar panels 10 years down the line to replace the roof. Besides, professionals have building code and area architecture knowledge. This gives them an upper hand when it comes to getting things done the right way.

To enjoy a hands-free experience

Solar panel installation can be a little more complicated than just placing panels on the rooftop. You’ll need to obtain some installation permits from authorities like DSIRE or ADEQ and so on.  This can be a little intimidating, especially if you have no idea how to go about it. It is not only a lengthy process and confusing, but also filled with paperwork (when connecting to Arizona solar energy grid).

A reliable solar panel installation company will help you file a structural or building permit, dedicated solar photovoltaic permit, and an electrical permit. They’ll also take care of all the paperwork associates with solar panel installation.

To avoid breach of warranty

Solar panels and solar system components manufacturers offer decades-worth of warranty for their products. But they have terms and conditions that must be upheld for this warranty to stay valid.

You may end up voiding the warranty if you decide to handle the solar system installation process on your own and accidentally damage one of the components or install the entire system improperly. In which case, you won’t get the benefits you would have otherwise had gotten if the warranty was intact. Hiring a solar panel installation company is your best shot at protecting your warranty period.

Most professional solar paneling installers know solar systems and have a better experience on how to handle them. Besides, they focus on ensuring that no component is damaged during the entire process.

To keep yourself safe

Solar power installation is anything but safe, especially for someone with no experience or the right equipment for the job. The installation process involves climbing walls and connecting electrical wires, all of which can be hazardous to a non-professional. DIY installation exposes you to falls, possible electrocution, and even loss of life. Hiring a professional means not taking such risks in the name of saving money on solar panel installation costs.

To increase the resale value of your home

Solar panels are a great way to increase your home’s resale value. And if you are planning to sell the property soon, you understand why that’s critical. But you may not get much value out of your investment in solar panels if the systems are not installed to the required standards. A reliable solar panel installation company ensures your units are in line with the industry’s best practices. It is the surest way to increase your home’s resale value.

To save time

One of the top benefits of working with a solar panel installation company is that they are experts at what they do. The teams went through training to learn how to install the solar units. In states like Arizona, these professionals are even certified to show their qualifications. Training and expertise mean they know what they are doing – no second-guessing. So, they will often get it right the first time.

The same cannot be said for DIY solar installation. Besides, a lot goes into solar installation. You’ll need to block a day or more out of your schedule to complete the entire process. If time is of the essence for you, then an expert is your best shot at saving it.

To have someone to “hold them accountable”

Sounds funny, but yes. Sometimes, you need someone else to be responsible for anything that goes wrong. At least then, you can call up and claim compensation. But you deny yourself that chance when you decide to handle the solar system installation on your own. For starters, you are not a professional, so you’re likely going to mess up at some point. And second, you can’t have anyone to take the blame but yourself. 

There are many benefits of installing solar panels for homes. If you need installation services, contact us.