Optimize Solar Panels

Photovoltaic system is an emerging tech that delivers electric energy directly from sunshine. It is becoming more popular as concerns for clean or green energy rises. There have been research efforts globally to make PV tech better in terms of efficiency, affordability, and durability. Recently, the impact of soiling emerged as a crucial parameter to consider, particularly if you want to optimize solar panels for efficiency and longevity.

Soiling and accumulation of dirt on the solar panels are some of the top causes of decreased solar panel efficiency. Other issues that may need to be addressed to optimize solar panels’ efficiency include orientation, batteries, and more.

Ways to optimize solar panels

Here are the five effective ways to optimize solar panels for efficiency and longevity.

1. Install high-efficiency solar panels

Buying and installing solar panels that are right for your property’s energy requirements is a battle half-won. Keep in mind that some solar panel kits are cheaper while others are costly but offer high watt per square foot. You must do the math before you buy or get solar panels installed.

The primary goal is to minimize your electricity bill. That means you must act wisely before you buy a solar panel and ensure that you’re getting the most affordable solar energy system from a reputable manufacturer. It is important to mention that low-cost solar panels with low levels of energy output are uneconomical. Choosing the right panels is an important step to optimize solar panels for efficiency.

2. Keep your solar panels clean

Optimize Solar Panels

By making sure the surface area of your solar panels is clean, you maximize the entire surface area for the panels to absorb sunshine. This, in turn, leads to higher efficiency when it comes to electricity generation. Accumulation of dust and other forms of dirt could cause shading. Because of this shading effect, your solar panels are likely to lose up to 25% of the electricity generation capacity, according to recent research published by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

For this reason, regular inspections or retaining the services of a professional who can monitor your solar panels is essential. Indeed, you can always know whenever your solar panels need to be washed. Besides, you can prevent shading by getting your solar panels cleaned regularly by a professional.  One of the top benefits of working with a professional solar panel cleaner is that such professionals have the right solar panel cleaning equipment and supplies.

3. Keep them cool

PV panels are made of semiconductors, which tend to decrease their performance or efficiency with increasing temperature. This is the main reason the central processing unit of computers slow down when they get overheated. However, solar panels cannot be used without the sun, and that means they evidently get warmer. For this reason, there should be at least 7 inches of space between your solar panels and your roof to ensure natural cooling. This will optimize solar panels for better performance.

4. Consider the orientation of your solar panels

To get the most out of your solar panel system, it is important to ensure your panels point towards the direction of sunshine and make a perpendicular with the sunlight rays.  Keep in mind that the solar panels are just fixed on the roof while the sun’s position keeps on changing.  To ensure maximum energy production, the panels should be oriented with respect to the movement of the sun. 

For instance, in the northern hemisphere during the winter, the sun may appear to be at a lower height. This is because the atmosphere is dense during the winter and this could scatter the sunlight. Most solar panels in these regions will produce less energy during the winter. So, consult with a reputable solar panel installer to ensure your solar panel system is properly oriented for higher efficiency. 

5. Use the right battery solutions

Part of the electricity produced by your solar panels may not be used immediately. Fortunately, you can store this extra energy in batteries. Suppose your inverters and batteries are not efficient; your entire solar energy system will be less efficient and end up losing energy.

So, one way to optimize solar panels or improve the overall effectiveness of your solar energy system is to use the right battery solutions. Keep in mind that newer battery solutions offer better energy storage capacities and longevity because they use the latest technologies to give the consumer the best value for their money.


Solar panel systems need maintenance and little effort from the owner. Simple things like keeping them clean and other tips mentioned in this article can help improve the overall efficiency of your solar energy system. It is also recommended to consult with an experienced or reputable solar panel installer to ensure that your panels properly oriented, the right battery solutions are installed, and the entire solar energy system is properly optimized for efficiency and longevity.