Solar Panel Cleaning Services

One thing we all learned during the COVID-19 pandemic was the effectiveness of water and soap – washing our hands regularly was our best defense. Similarly, solar panels benefit from regular cleaning to ward off reduced efficiency and output. But soap isn’t needed here. Instead, you need solar panel cleaning services.

Not sure where to start or how to determine if your home solar panels need cleaning? Clear Sky Solar can help you with that. This Arizona-based solar panel company never uses soaps and other clean agents on solar paneling. Instead, they use deionized water and rotating brushes to clean solar panel kits.

Soaps and other cleaning agents can leave film or residue that shades the panels (just like the dirt washed off) and attracts more dirt. Using deionized water applied through a rotating-brush system leaves the panels spot-free.

Are solar panel cleaning services necessary?

Solar energy company in Scottsdale, Arizona, Solar Panel Cleaning Services

A vehicle that’s well-serviced and oiled runs better. So, there is no surprise that solar systems operate at peak efficiency when you keep them clean. Beyond the set of car wheels in your garage, you like to keep your car’s window or windscreen spotlessly clean. So, why should solar panel cleaning be any exception? Here is why you need solar panel cleaning services.

Leaves, dust & water – the worst solar panel blockers.

Dust accumulation causes regular issues beyond grime build-up. Your location also plays a key role in how much dust accumulation can affect the efficiency of your solar system. Minimal amounts of dust may not have a significant impact because light can still pass through. In this case, it is recommended to let nature take its course because rainwater will help you accomplish much of the task of solar panel cleaning.

However, a recent report by the United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory revealed a potential 30% energy yield loss each year if the solar panel system is not cleaned monthly. Beyond this, it’s essential to keep in mind that leaves can also block light. And in a recent experiment, the researchers found that rainwater on rooftop solar panels, particularly flat design, could also lower output. Do you now know why you need solar panel cleaning services?

Pay extra attention to solar arrays situated in dustier areas, particularly if they are close to a main road or farmland. Such a solar panel array has far more dust to contend with and may require frequent cleaning, not just annual cleaning.

Brid droppings – worst enemy

Bird droppings on solar panels do more damage than can a film of dust. If your solar panel array includes micro-inverters or string inverter, bird droppings are more damaging than you think. Solar systems with micro-inverters (an inverter attached connected to each separate solar panel) show where one part is covered with bird droppings. During these instances, your inverter will not be showing current flow.

One thing you must consider when determining when to hire a solar company is the angle of your solar panel array. Flat solar panels require more upkeep because water can easily pool up and leave muddy residues when it evaporates. Angled solar panel system takes advantage of the running rainwater to keep them clean.

How to clean a solar panel on your roof

What’s the best way to wash solar panels?

If you are DY-minded, you should find the items you need at home. Because you do not want to scratch your panels in any way, it is recommended to use water and a non-abrasive sponge to gently apply soapy water on the solar panels. Be sure to use a mild detergent. And if you’re still wondering if you can use pressure washers to clean your solar panels, it is recommended to use a normal hose. Using high-pressure water can cause damage to your solar panels.

But the best way to clean solar panels is through professional cleaners. There are many local solar companies in Arizona, and finding reliable solar cleaning services shouldn’t be challenging. Solar panel contractors have access to cutting-edge cleaning equipment and will not use soapy water.

Tidying up solar panels installed on your roof is not always as straightforward as many homeowners think. So, unless you have reliable solar cleaning equipment, contact a professional company and request solar quotes, particularly for solar panel cleaning services.