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Clear Sky Solar is ready to meet all your solar power needs. We are a local solar panel service provider, committed to delivering seamless installations and repairs to Arizona homes and businesses. With top-rated products and a 25-year warranty, you can expect your home to run efficiently on solar energy for years to come after we’re through.

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Solar Panel

Thanks to cutting-edge technology and strong support systems, installation and maintenance costs for solar energy systems are now accessible for most homeowners. We provide Solar Panel Installation for your homes across the valley. 


Solar Panels

First, sunlight in the form of photons hit the solar panels on your roof or ground mount. The panels convert the energy from freed electrons to DC current, which then flows to an inverter and is converted from DC electricity to AC electricity. This electricity is then used to power your home.  


The Best Savings In The Valley

Thanks to net metering, energy your solar panels produce that you don’t use immediately is sent to the grid in exchange for credits on your electric bill. Importantly, the bill will not ask you to pay anything and will simply indicate how your usage was offset by net metering credits for the month. Any unused  credits  will rollover to the next month for you to take advantage of. 

Affordable Solar Panel Installation Services

Best Solar Energy Companies
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Services We Offer

On top of our solar services, we also provide the best warranty in the industry! Our 25-year service and labor warranty covers the entire roof and solar power system, including every piece and part, from the panels down to the power optimizer and the solar energy inverter. Our statement of service is thoroughly assessed, and in line with your home’s structural and environmental characteristics. As a bonus, we guarantee that all our installation warranties and statement of service agreements are transferred to any individual who next purchases the home. Now that is peace of mind. Give your solar power experts a call today at (480) 808-8540.


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best solar energy companies

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Best Solar Energy Company

Clayton D
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The cost was extremely reasonable compared to other solar companies. A very positive experience
Khudlow John
Read More
A great and upfront solar company. The Solar Expert was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. We were sent update emails every week and got started for nothing upfront.
Ronald Attkins
Read More
we met at my home and the sales guy explained how solar works and how it saves me money. the meeting took 40 min and after that we decided it would be best to use solar. we are saving $117 a month and the rate does not increase. here is a picture i took of the system after it was installed
Ryan Lee Campbell
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Great/timely work, great customer service, best people.
Walter S
Read More
clean and fast company that saves people money and helps people get solar. Fast service and only took 6 hours for installation.
Spencer D
Read More
We have a 4 bedroom with a pool and a family of 5. While our winter bills were only $120 the Summer bills would hit $400. Average savings of $900 a year and spent nothing to get started. Their a great company to go with, very upfront
Remington H
Read More
We took the nothing out of pocket option. Our average bill went from $300 a month to $140. Highly recommended Solar company
Hillary D
Read More
Clear Sky Solar sent us emails of updates every step of the way, a real fast working company. Do recommend for going solar
Jennifer Brinkley
Read More
Best solar company our there. Highly recommend!
Robert M
Read More
After sitting with 7 companies we chose this Solar company. Compared to other companies these guys are complete professionals. Upfront about everything and the sales guy wasn't just some kid, he was a real expert. If your looking into Solar our family recommends them and the sales rep Mike.

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With superior understanding of Solar Technology, Clear Sky Solar has led global solar innovations since 2005 and has delivered more energy and long-term peace of mind to thousands of happy customers.

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