Battery Inverter Included

The Powerwall is an AC Battery, meaning it has an integrated AC-DC inverter/charger. This has both advantages and disadvantages; however, one main advantage is the ability to be easily retrofitted to homes with an existing solar installation. Since it has an inbuilt inverter, it can even be installed without solar and used solely for backup power purposes.

The Inverter power rating is moderately high with a continuous output of 5kW and a peak output of 7kW. The power output is generally well suited to meet the requirements of an average home, which often has several high powered appliances running simultaneously. The 7kW peak power rating is reasonable, but it can only maintain the peak output for 10 seconds; this means it’s only suited for brief power (startup) surges and not well suited for off-grid installations. However, for greater power requirements, multiple Powerwalls can be installed in parallel, enabling much higher power output.

Liquid Cooled

The Tesla Powerwall is still the only battery system on the market to incorporate a liquid thermal management system which enables it to operate in a wide range of temperatures from -4 to +104°F. Although, like most lithium battery systems it is still likely reduce its power output at ambient temperatures above 104°F. Power derating is common for most lithium-ion based batteries, but Tesla’s liquid cooling enables the Powrewall to expel more heat under high loads and during rapid charging which should result in a longer life span and better performance at higher temperatures.

Multiple Powerwalls for greater storage needs

For larger capacity systems the Powerwall whas the ability to be setup in split or 3 phase installations with up to 9 battery modules able to be linked together in series. However, the additional Gateway unit is required in these more complex installations. Maximum capacity per phase is 3 Powerwalls.

Custom Placing Available

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