Metal Roofing with Solar Panels

Metal roofs are durable, light, and made of eco-friendly materials that can be recycled. So it’s no surprise that metal roofing with solar panels is an increasingly popular topic among property owners in Arizona. The good news is that metal is one of the top roof materials for solar panel installation. Here is why.

1. It is easy to install solar panels on a metal roofing

Typically, your local solar installer will drill several holes in your roof so that the mounting for your solar panels can be attached. This is among the many areas of concern for most property owners considering a solar system installation, as improperly mounted solar systems can result in leaks and other roof-related issues.

But if you have a metal roofing with solar panels, the installer won’t need to drill holes in your roof. This virtually eliminates the possibility of roof-related issues following solar power system installation. Be sure to find a qualified solar installer that provides a workmanship warranty and metal roof warranty to assure their clients that there are no issues with the solar panel installation.

2. Metal roofs can hold both standard PV panels and thin-film solar panels

Many property owners in Arizona are installing standard silicon PV solar panels. However, properties with metallic roofs offer another option – thin-film solar panels. The latter can be installed on specific types of roofs, and many solar energy experts unanimously agree that standing seam metal roofs are the perfect surface for thin-film solar panels.

Although standard PV solar panels provide higher efficiency level per square foot, the thin-film panels are associated with a lower profile and are also easy to install. In addition, these panels require much less energy to manufacture compared to silicon solar cells, which makes them low-level emission sources of renewable energy right from the start.

3. Properly-installed metal roof can outlast your PV solar panels

Metal Roofing with Solar Panels

High-quality solar panels can last for 25 years to 30 years, which makes them an excellent investment for your property. But in many cases, this means that the solar system can outlast a roof. This would require you to replace your aging roof if you plan to install a solar power system or incur the extra expense of removing and installing your solar panels when the time comes to install a stronger metal roofing with solar panels.

On the other hand, metal roofs are the most durable conventional roof material available. In addition, a properly installed metal roof can outlive your solar panels. This reduces instances of roof-related issues and the expenses associated with reinstalling solar panels when replacing your roof.

4. Solar panels maximize the cooling effect of metal roofs

Property builders often tout the advantages of cool metal roofing, such as metallic roofs coated with highly reflective paint to keep your property cool during the hot summer months. Metallic roofs reflect more sunshine than black asphalt shingles, and some roofs may be painted to increase this effect. In addition, having metal roofing with solar panels can help lower your electricity bills because the panels will shade part of the metal roofing.

5. Metal roofing with solar panels is an eco-friendly option

If you plan to make your property eco-friendly, install metal roofing with solar panels. This can help you earn points via green building certification programs such as ENERGY STAR and LEED. These programs encourage the installation of renewable energy options such as solar panels. Besides, both solar panels and metal roofing are recyclable.

Find a solar panel installer you can trust

If properties with metal roofing are common in your area, it is possible to find a local installer with experience installing solar panels on metal roofs. Be sure to get multiple solar quotes from various solar panel installation companies with expertise and background for your solar panel installation needs.