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Jessie V.

District Managing Director
Before joining the team of Clear Sky Solar, Jessie completed her Masters in Renewable energy and worked in the field of best practices for energy saving solutions. She has been with us for 5 years now and is a recognized leader in the solar industry.

Rebecca C.

Operations Manager
After managing the responsibilities of the local ‘save a forest’ in Colorado, Rebecca has taken the role of product design and performance improvement. Rebecca is a Cornerstone to assuring product experience satisfaction.

Ray H.

Sales Manager
With 10 years in the solar industry Ray is our “Go to” to make sure our customers are getting the very most for their money. From finding available rebates to working with the local HOA, Ray will be sure to get the very best for our customers. 

Lauren H.

Customer Service Manager
Clear Sky Solar does not end as soon as the system is installed. Lauren and her team are here to assure you get the best possible experience and any questions you may have after the installation is answered.  

Kevin J.

Solar Project Manager
With the help of Kevin, every installation of 2019 was completed on time with each project being completed correctly the first time. That is over 300 jobs managed and delivered on time!

Nick L.

Solar in Arizona is an ever-changing field. Nick does a great job keeping up with each new update and making sure his solar experts are completely up to date in any changes. 

Sarah R.

Front Desk Manager
Sarah is the first person people see when they walk into our Scottsdale Office. Always ready to give a helping hand, Sarah will be there for any questions you may have.

Erik M.

Lead Solar Expert
Not everyone is able to go solar but if there is a way Erik will find it. With 8 years selling solar in Arizona, Erik is one of the best when it comes to getting the best possible system for our customers. A true expert in the field of solar. 

Ryan P.

Managing Solar Developer
No roof is alike and with that comes different solar designs and permitting. Ryan assures every system installed is developed to be able to function at the absolute best it can while meeting the permitting standards of the city. 

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With superior understanding of Solar Technology, Clear Sky Solar has led global solar innovations since 2018 and has delivered more energy and long-term peace of mind to thousands of happy customers.

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