Green Power Companies –

Green Power Companies

Compare our services and affordable rates at Clear Sky Solar with other green power companies in Arizona to see the value we bring to the table. If you’re considering solar energy to power your home, we can make it easy and cost-effective to get set up. Find out if you qualify for 12 months of free solar energy by calling our helpline at 480-808-8540.

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Emergency Electrician Tucson

Turn It On Electric

There comes a time when every homeowner needs the services of an emergency electrician in Tucson; when that time comes, reach out to Turn It On Electric for 24/7 response to your call. We won’t ask you to wait for morning when you have urgent electrical issues at hand. One call and we’ll dispatch a licensed electrician to your home.

Solar Panel Installation Tampa Fl

Request a free estimate from our pros at Solar Bear to find out about the benefits of solar panel installation in Tampa, FL. It surprises many of our customers to learn that financing is available to make going solar even more affordable, and that there are state and federal perks to help with the costs, as well.

Emc Testing

Compliance Testing

1724 S Nevada Way

For affordable emc testing, reach out to Compliance Testing’s experts to request a quote. We bring more than half a century of experience to the table to ensure exceptional results when testing your products and providing the certification you need to get them to the market quickly. Call us for a quote. Compliance Testing

Smart Timer

If you’ve been looking at a smart timer for your vehicle's block heater this winter season, we invite you to take a closer look at the Power Badger. Just plug the Badger in and set the timer to heat your engine block to the perfect ‘maintain ready’ temperature, so you can drive off in a moment’s notice- even on the coldest days.