Commercial Solar Panels

All commercial property owners looking to save on utility bills seem to be turning to solar energy. A recent report from the Solar Energy Industries Association revealed that an increasing number of businesses and not-for-profit organizations choose to install commercial solar panels at their facilities. Besides, most organizations that are already using solar energy are adding more commercial solar panels to scale up their electricity production capacity.

This article focuses on various aspects of solar power systems and solar paneling installations on commercial buildings. You may also want to learn the benefits of commercial solar panels and the essential considerations you must make before installing the solar power system.

The benefits of commercial solar panels

Here are the benefits of turning to commercial solar energy.

Reduced operating costs

Clear Sky Solar, a solar installation company based in Arizona, notes that installing solar panels for various commercial projects can help lower monthly energy bills. This company has been helping Arizona residents to install functional solar energy systems for both residential and commercial properties.

Lock-in energy-related cost for many years

According to the experts at Clear Sky Solar, the cost of natural gas fluctuates, and what might make economic sense right now may not necessarily translate into long-term savings. Commercial solar panels offer the benefit of a fixed cost of electricity. Also, it improves your organization’s ability to predict future cash flows with regard to energy-related expenses.

Minimize your organization’s carbon footprint

A recent report from the Solar Energy Industries Association shows that over a third of the United States greenhouse gas emissions are associated with burning fossil fuels for both commercial and residential electricity usage. Commercial solar panels and residential solar energy systems can help make a positive impact in terms of minimizing carbon emissions. Remember, solar energy makes a positive impact because it is emission-free and a great source of clean energy.

Marketing opportunity

Most organizations that boast of strong corporate responsibility often demonstrate their commitment to the communities and people they serve. One of the best ways to demonstrate this corporate responsibility is by investing in green energy. Renewable energy options like solar power help companies to demonstrate their dedication to minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and overall pollution levels. Generally, helping the environment could support positive public relations, which could add to your marketing efforts.

Solar energy systems require minimal maintenance.

A functional solar system doesn’t have many moving parts and boasts of low maintenance requirements. The only maintenance required is to keep your commercial solar panels clean and free from dirt and debris. Instances of broken solar paneling are rare. Besides, most solar installers often provide a 15-year warranty to 25-year warranty on both solar system parts and installation. This can protect your organization from frequent repair costs.

What to consider before installing commercial solar panels

Commercial Solar Panels

It is beyond doubt that commercial enterprises in different industries are lowering their energy-related bills by installing photovoltaic panels. However, before you buy commercial solar panels, there are important considerations you must make. These include;

Your property’s roof

If you plan to switch to solar energy, it is essential to contact a reputable solar installation company to perform a site audit. The contractor will analyze the current state of your commercial property’s roof and determine if it is the best idea to install commercial solar panels.

After the roof audit, it may become apparent that your current roof or electrical system must be upgraded or replaced to install a functional solar power system successfully. In this case, you may be required to spend the extra dollars on upgrading your roof. To most commercial property owners, this is a high upfront cost that could make solar energy a less tractive option. But this should not blind you from seeing the long-term benefits of installing commercial solar systems.

The upfront cost of solar system acquisition and installation

No matter the specific method of financing your solar system acquisition and installation, functional commercial solar power systems don’t come cheap. As a business owner, you must account for the high cost of buying the solar panels, the necessary components of the solar system and financing its installation. As mentioned earlier, the long-term benefits of installing commercial solar panels outweigh the initial cost of acquiring and installing the entire system.

Weather predictability

Solar panels use sunshine to generate electricity. As a business owner, you must ensure that your property is located in a region that receives a sufficient amount of sunshine to ensure effective electricity generation. Consult with a reputable solar installation company to determine if a solar energy system will be a viable energy project for your organization.


Installing solar panels on your commercial property is a big step. While there are many things to consider before installing commercial solar panels, one thing is clear; solar panels are no longer just for multi-million dollar corporations and high-tech futurists. According to Clear Sky Solar, the rest of the world (both residential and commercial) sectors have finally caught up.