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Good timing is a great skill that yields more generous rewards. For instance, getting to a party on time allows you to avoid the host’s small uncomfortable talks before other guests show up. Finding the perfect seasonal travel destination means you can beat crowds and save big on your travel budget. So, what’s the best time to install solar panels in Arizona?

Is there a perfect season or time to introduce solar panel kits in the lifecycle of your home’s rooftop?

How about the right time to reap tax rebates?

Clear Sky Solar wants to help you make the right ‘entrance’ into the solar power industry. Here is everything you need to know about how to install solar panels and perfect timing.

The newer the property’s roof, the better

Speaking of time, your property’s roof has a finite amount of it. The estimated lifespan of a roof extends between 20 years and 50 years, depending on the material, climate, and other factors. The majority of residential property roofs in Arizona are made of asphalt shingles. This type of roof is considered cost-effective, but it offers a shorter lifespan compared to more durable roofing options like tiles, which could last for 50 years or more.

The best solar panels can last 25 years to 40 years and possibly longer. Therefore, if your home’s roof has four years or less left, it does not make sense to install a powerful solar energy system when you will need to uninstall the entire system again in just a few years. So, the best time to install solar panels in Arizona is when your roof is new or has at least ten years of life left.

If the roof is damaged or too old to support the solar panel installation process, don’t fret. It might be the best time to invest in a new, powerful roof that can support a home solar system many decades in the future. Remember, a new roof adds more value to your property and can even make it more energy-efficient. It will be perfect to install solar panels

Time your solar tax credit and other solar investment incentive programs

Currently, property owners in Arizona can deduct 26 percent of the total cost of solar panel acquisition and installation from their taxes. This solar investment incentive program is the most significant renewable energy financial incentive program currently available to Arizonans. It has saved most property owners thousands of dollars. To get this solar tax credit, you just need to acquire and install functional solar panels before 2022.

Property owners in Arizona also have access to state of Arizona tax credit of $1000 and utility rebates which vary depending on the local utility provider. These solar investment incentive programs are likely to change over time. So, it is best to install solar panels when you can reap as many tax rebates as possible and get the highest possible amount of solar tax credit.

Best season to install solar panels

install solar panels

Is there the right month or ideal season to go solar? Many Arizona homes end up with high energy bills during the hot summer months. So, it is natural not to think about installing solar panels until the first high summer bill arrives. However, you certainly do not have to wait for the hot summer months to enjoy the benefits of going solar. Install solar panels now!

Having solar panels for homes installed during the spring may be financially beneficial than waiting to start the installation process during the summer. Here is why spring is the best season to install solar panels in Arizona. 

Get ready for the hot summer months. 

Solar panel installation is more than just having a functional air conditioning unit installed. From the necessary permits to required inspections, the timeline for solar system installation can extend into weeks or a month, particularly during the peak installation period. So, it is crucial to have enough time to shop for the best solar panels and get them installed. 

Your home will be fully ready for the hot days. When temperatures begin to rise, your property will have a cost-effective source of energy to draw from, while your non-solar neighbors will be forced to buy increasingly expensive peak-season electric power from utility providers.

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Bank your excess solar power credit

Most Arizonans have the chance to earn energy credits from local utility providers for the excess solar power. During the cooler months, most solar systems generate more electric power than needed. Local utility providers credit these property owners for the excess energy, allowing them to use these credits during the hot summer months.

If you want your property to be ready for summer, it is crucial to have the solar panel system operational in spring so that you can have enough credits to draw from during the hotter summer days. 

Short solar panel installation wait time

As more property owners continue to switch to solar energy, many solar installation companies in Arizona are getting busier. Waiting until the summer months could result in a longer wait time. Inclement weather like monsoons or scorching temperatures can also extend the solar installation timeline dramatically. 

So, it is in your best interest to schedule solar panel installation during spring to avoid the busy summer schedule or even unwelcome surprise from Mother Nature. Besides, you will have enough time to compare solar installation of quotes from different solar companies in Arizona and choose one that best suits your budget and needs. 

There’s no wrong time to install solar panels in Arizona.

Perhaps you are still wondering about the right time for your solar system installation. The reality is that the best time to switch to solar energy is whatever time is perfect for you. This might sound a little squishy, but you should not try to rush solar panel acquisition and installation to hit the solar system off-season or get a special solar tax credit if you are not ready.

At Clear Sky Solar, we will be ready to help you acquire and install solar panels for homes when you’re ready. We believe that it is always a perfect time to invest in renewable solar power. Contact us to get a free quote and install solar panels.