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Every day, there are millions of people shopping for solar power systems and thousands of solar energy companies looking for qualified buyers. Accurate information of pricing data is important to consumers looking for the best solar panel quotes. Here’s everything you need to know to get the best solar panel quotes. 

What are solar panel quotes?

A solar quote is the logical initial step in the process of switching to renewable sources of energy for your home. Its main purpose is to establish the specific solar system components to be supplied and installed. Solar panel quotes also give an estimate of the cost of acquisition and installation of a functional power system.

What should be included in solar panel quotes?

solar panel quotes

A comprehensive solar quote must have an itemized list of the hardware that should be supplied. These items include solar panels, solar inverters, racking, reliable monitoring system, and other essential products. 

It should also include a warranty that covers defects in the installed solar power system that may not be specific to the inverter or photovoltaic cells (panels). For instance, an electric cable may get disconnected, the isolator fills with rainwater, or the racking system becomes loose. In this case, the solar installer should take care of these issues at no extra cost.

Solar panel quotes should also contain the total price of solar energy-related products to be supplied and installation services to be provided. It should include the gross cost of the entire solar panel system, tax credits or rebates, and any extra charge, particularly for properties that require roof repairs.

An essential component of a solar quote is a diagram or a sketch of the proposed roof plan. The sketch must include an itemized list of the solar panels array’s direction and general tilt. It is essential to mention that such a comprehensive solar quote can only be obtained from a company that is ready to provide custom solar panel quotes for each client rather than general information about their prices.

Solar power should have a savings calculator or easy-to-understand illustrations of the solar equipment’s expected output and financial savings. The installer should also include information about expected efficiency losses due to excessive shading, expected drop in electricity costs, and savings projections.

How to find the best solar quotes

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1. Check the average cost of solar energy systems in your area

It’s crucial to know the average cost of solar installation in your neighborhood because this figure will act as the benchmark of what you should pay a local solar energy company. Solar panels are a significant purchase that will be installed on your roof and last for several decades. So, you must ensure you get the best value for your money. And that begins with knowing the cost of solar panel acquisition and installation in your area.

2. Do you need a government solar installation cost data?

In some states, solar panel installation data is reported to the government. You can find such information from reputable platforms such as Arizona Solar CenterCalifornia Solar StatisticsMassRenewables, and NYSERDA in New York. Keep in mind that official data sets often include Power Purchase Agreement jobs. PPAs sometimes report inflated costs by vendors who intend to maximize their tax credit claims. This could make the cost of installing solar panels in such states higher than the real value. 

Elsewhere, the state government may not publish these data sets, or they may not be reported at all. Suppose your state’s official energy website provides data on the average cost of installing solar systems. In that case, it will be easier to compare the cost of residential solar panels across different solar energy providers. 

3. Consider solar panel quotes from reliable local solar energy companies 

The internet allows residential and commercial property owners to quickly find solar panel quotes and compare costs for the specific square footage of a solar energy system. Some platforms may show star ratings that are simply aggregates of different user reviews. Others use satellite imagery of a property to determine the overall size of a system that’s available and create estimates based on that information. 

Though this may be convenient for most solar panel shoppers, it does not necessarily mean that every online estimate is going to reflect the exact cost of solar installation in your home. Generally, online solar panel quotes are rough estimates and may not account for many variables. This is why you should get solar panel quotes from reputable solar companies such as Clear Sky Solar. The quote should consider important factors such as tax credits and rebates.

To find the best solar panel installation deal, get solar energy quotes from different reputable solar panel installers and compare the cost of their services. Remember, the total cost of installation must include the cost of installing all solar system components such as the inverter, solar cells, battery, and more. Consult with pre-screened local installers to successfully calculate the financial savings of switching to renewable energy.

4. Get to know more about solar power system warranty

local solar panels quotes

Once you get multiple solar panel quotes from different solar companies, it is essential to research the manufacturers of various major system components for more information on their quality and reliability. Your solar battery storage and other components such as inverters should be of high quality. This is because the components of the entire system are expected to survive harsh weather conditions such as high-speed winds, heavy rains, and extremely high temperatures, particularly for Arizonians and other property owners in arid areas.

It is essential to mention that even the highest quality solar system components or products can break down over time. This makes maintenance services and warranties essential for both installers and property owners. Most solar power systems come with a 25-year power output warranty. So, it makes sense to compare different warranty information from different companies before you make a purchase choice. After all, a 25-year power output warranty is better than a 10-year warranty.

Find out if any installer offers are warranty for the system installation, which could cover the cost of labor necessary to address mistakes made by the solar installation contractor. Remember, switching to a renewable source of energy is supposed to help you make significant financial savings, particularly on your monthly power budget. You cannot afford to pay for mistakes that you didn’t make. 

5. Be certain that you are getting a system that suits your energy needs

A solar system may be only cheap or come with a 25-year power output warranty because it will offset less of your monthly power bill. Check different online solar system comparison websites and choose a specific type and size of solar panel system that will successfully offset your electricity bills. Long before you start comparing the price for the system and installation services, ensure that the specific system you intend to buy can produce sufficient power for your home or commercial property.

A reliable solar panel installer will have numbers behind your regular energy bill. The company should help you calculate the overall financial savings you are likely to make if you install a particular solar panel system. Other companies have a solar savings calculator on the official website where you can get quick estimates of the price of acquiring and installing a solar panel system. 

Remember, you may need to talk to an expert who can help you calculate your current utility bills and determine the total amount of financial savings you’re likely to make if you switch to renewable energy. If your solar system makes extra energy, you can successfully sell it back to their utility company. These are also important financial savings you should consider when comparing the benefits of having solar solutions in your home.


Solar panel systems offer a convenient source of energy (whether direct current or alternating current) for both homes and commercial properties. No matter the size of your commercial property, you can still access a powerful solar energy system to support your facility. You may not need a nuclear power station, but a 1000-megawatts solar power station can support intensive commercial activities. Besides, you don’t have to worry about frequent power outages in your home or business. 

Choose a solid quality, fairly-priced solar power system from pre-vetted solar installers.